Capricorn Woman

December 22 - January 19


Capricorn Woman

Unlike the man the Capricorn woman is kind and welcoming. The sensuality and emotional depth is hidden in her heart. She is born to work, but she is also able to pause and pursue the family priorities. Women born under Capricorn have the tendency to “harden” on the mental and physical level in the old age. It can bring bitterness and discontent as well as better ability to resist to difficulties and to be stronger personality in general.

Personality Traits

These women have a natural grace and smart look. If you think that you will know in a few seconds whether the father of this seductive female standing in front of you is a university professor or a miner from Nevada, you are mistaken. Thanks to the innate charm and good manners of this woman, you will be long in doubts about her origin. And to ask the Capricorn woman directly would not be very tactful of course.

The Capricorn women are strongly committed to capture the right man. And this has to be the one to which they can be proud of and that will be later a good role model for the children. Carefulness and rationality are natural personality traits of the Capricorn woman. The objective when choosing a partner is simply the ability of financial security and the sufficient authority. The Capricorn woman is a realist and she will believe your plans only if they are not too vague or extreme. Once she will sense that you have steady personality and that you are clever and ambitious enough, it will encourage her natural passion.

For the Capricorn woman the economy does not necessarily mean buying the cheap stuff. Good shoes, that will last a few adventures in the Amazonian rainforest, are in fact ultimately cheaper than the replacement of poor quality sneakers three times a year. And a knife from the hardest steel, which will save your life on the journey around the world is literally priceless. Saving is needed but only on the right place. And this woman knows which one it is. We can say that the far-seeing thrift is her typical personality trait.

You do not have to lavish compliments on her. She is pragmatic and usually knows how beautiful and smart she is. If your flattery is false, the Capricorn woman will sense it rapidly. To be focused, logical but intuitive at the same time, these are the essential personality traits of all Capricorn women. If you like to carry her over the threshold of your house in a wedding dress, keep a firm foundation under it and a repaid mortgage if possible. Moreover, the Capricorn woman will appreciate your imagination and the sense of romance, but every fairy elf would make better if he would skip all the secrets and would straight reveal where the treasure is hidden.

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