Capricorn Man

December 22 - January 19


Capricorn Man

The Capricorn man is focused on performance. The motto “business before pleasure” seems to be designed probably just for this eager zodiac sign. The Capricorn man orients himself by the fixed, proven and predetermined structures. But sometimes is he depressed because of the sad love or bitter intimacy and is turning inwards, into solitude. A bit stubborn, self-sufficient, careful and thoughtful – such are main personality traits of the Capricorn man.

Personality Traits

A typical Capricorn man gives the impression of a judicious cowboy. It is a practical man with serious intentions, balanced behaviour and his life is surrounded by brave deeds. But is not possible to easily change his personality with any kind of magic. So, if you are looking forward to some reckless monkey, who will be running barefoot in the morning dew with you, you will be probably disappointed. Prepare rather for some ironic quips, which he will share with you already at the first date.

Capricorn men do not express their needs too explicitly, and that is why they sometimes miss the target of the expectation. It is hard to imagine that a Capricorn man would ask for praise, caress or a sympathetic word. But that does not mean it is not the secret desire of such a man.

His dreams are realistic. If he will by close to you, certainly you will not get lost in the dark of the forest or in the rush of the city. The Capricorn man will thoroughly look around before he embarks on a journey. He will be careful and to avoid the unnecessary harm. Rationality and planning ability are important personality traits of this very focused zodiac sign.

If you want to attract that man, convince him that you are practical and reliable. You can dazzle the Capricorn man with your royal ancestry (there is a very high chance from the probability point of view that Edward III or any other well known king is yourgrand- grand- ancestor, if you were born in the UK) or with a fascinating life story.

The Capricorn man usually do not desire to have a timid housewife, who is afraid to stick her nose out, or even to have a boring Persian cat, that will just bask on the couch. When the Capricorn man decides to choose you, it will certainly be a wise and considered selection. Only seldom will the Capricorn man marry in a hurry to later regret it. The ability of forward thinking and avoiding everything useless is a typical personality trait of almost all of them.

Regarding the children, the Capricorn man will not spoil. He knows that the discipline, respect and responsibility are the foundation of a meaningful life. However, such man is able to return such strictness to the children in the form of generous birthday parties, Christmas gifts etc. The Capricorn will instil the sense of organization and reliability to others. If it will not suppress their enthusiasm and imagination, surely it would help them in adult life to resist the many temptations and pitfalls. The typical Sagittarius man is best known for his tenacious personality. Enjoy such favourable trait that may help you to overcome difficult times!

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